Saline Fiddlers



Since 1994, the Saline Fiddlers have undeniably set the standard for extracurricular music programs in the United States. The group began with a simple idea: introduce an alternative style of music education to public school students. It has grown into a model of instruction and motivation that is being emulated across the nation. Yet more importantly, it is a brilliant example of what young adults can and will achieve if given a direction and the opportunity to explore, and pursue their own interests.

Michael Shimmin plays drum set/percussion on all tracks.

1. Catherine Kelly's/Lake Effect
2. Big Yellow Taxi
3. Michael Jackson Memorial Medley, a Tribute to the King of Pop
4. Finding Freedom
5. Childhod's End
6. Lake Champlain
7. Lollipop
8. September
9. Travelin' Soldier
10. Perrong Plask
11. TenEightcious
12. When I'm Sixty-Four
13. Orange Blossom Special