Mark Duval & Two-Track Mind

All Night Station


(Hey Burner! Records)

Mark Duval: guitar, vocals, harmonica
Tracy Seuss: guitar, vocals, harmonica, percussion, glockenspiel, bells
Larry Lowis: upright and electric bass
Alec Johnston: upright and electric bass
Nathan Durham: trumpet alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trombone, bass saxophone
John Foster: trumpet, electric slide guitar
Scott Dill: drum set
Carolyn Koebel: percussion
Mike Devol: cello (track 5)
Megan MacLeod: violin (track 5)
Adam Jones: drum set (track 9)
Mike Shimmin: drum set (track 8)

Produced by Mark Duval & Two-Track Mind
Engineered by Alec Johnston, Ian Gorman, and Bryan Heaney
Mixed and mastered by Ian Gorman

1. No Rest For The Wicked
2. Looking For Trouble
3. Song Of Love
4. One Man's Shadow
5. Who Am I
6. Come to Me
7. Diggin' in a Deeper Hole
8. Ride
9. What You Want
10. Man of Means
11. Livin' Big
12. Motherless Children