Ian Gorman and Dave Bruzza

Harmony on the Fade


(Earthwork Music)

Ian Gorman: vocals, banjo, piano organ, electric bass, upright bass, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, Fender Rhodes
Dave Bruzza: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, drum set, accordion, lap steel, electric bass, percussion
Michael Shimmin: drum set, percussion
Ben Lau: drum set (track 8), percussion (track 9)
Phil Barry: electric guitar (track 7)
Paul Hoffman: vocals (tracks 8, 10)
Jen Sygit: vocals (tracks 9, 10)
Ira Cohen: vocals (track 3)
Rock Bartley: banjo (track 2)
David Teske: slide guitar (track 2)
Glenn Brown: Buchla CM100 (track 3)
Cori Somers: violins (track 3)
Mike Bont: banjo (track 4)
Rachel Flanigan: clarinet (track 5)

Produced by Ian Gorman, Dave Bruzza, and Ben Lau
Engineered by Ben Lau and Ian Gorman
Mixed by Ian Gorman, Dave Bruzza, and Ben Lau
Mastered by Glenn Brown

1. Made-up Words
2. Kerosene
3. We All Go Mad
4. Cocaine and Jim Beam
5. Pyrite, Burned
6. Brave New Steel
7. Cradle to Grave
8. 200 Miles from Montana
9. Lorelei's Serenade
10. Wings for Wheels