Seth and May

New Flower


(Earthwork Music)

Seth Bernard: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, saxophones, mandolins, lap steel
May Erlewine: vocals, piano, casio, violin, viola, electric guitar, omnichord, organ
Michael Shimmin: drum set, percussion, vibraphone, vocals
Joshua Davis: keyboards and synthesizers, vibraphone, electric guitar, vocals
Brennan Andes: electric and acoustic bass, vocals
Temesgen: krar, begena
Joel Mabus: banjo
Peter Madcat Ruth: harmonica
Bob Russel, Sally Van Vleck, Marty Heller, Erica Bourdon, Norm Plumstead, Timothy Young, Alex Difiglia, Lisa Franseen, Susan Schwager, Chris Treter, Bob Bernard, Ian Gorman: clapping and chanting

Produced by Seth Bernard, May Erlewine, and Chris Treter
Engineered and mixed by Ian Gorman
Mastered by Glenn Brown

1. New Flower
2. When We Run
3. Talkin' Coffee
4. Tree of Life
5. Absalom's Theme
6. Every Red Cent
7. What Makes You Alive?
8. Shake Your Shoulders Out
9. Addis Fox Trot
10. Don't Forget
11. Bizuayehu's
12. Dream of Life