The Red Sea Pedestrians

The Electromagnetic Escape


(Earthwork Music/Hey Burner! Records)

Ira Cohen: vocal, banjo, acoustic guitar, Poor Richard's Wine Glass Armonica, piano, stomps and claps, vibraphone motor, the void
Rachel Flanigan: vocal, clarinet, stomps and claps
Jay Gavan: vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, upright bass, piano
Ian Gorman: vocal, upright bass, mandolin, electric bass, acoustic and electric guitars, organ, accordion, whispers
Michael Shimmin: vocal, drum set, doumbek, bongo-jon, shakers, triangle, timpani, mark tree, Hadgini, tupan, cajon, bell, stomps and claps, bouzouki, tambourine, concert bass drum, vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, crash cymbals
Cori Somers: vocal, violin, viola
Emily Schaefer: cello (tracks 2, 7)
Josh Keller: trumpet (track 8)
Rachael Caskey: vocal (track 8)
Luke Cook: cello (track 12)
Anders Dahlberg: double bass (track 12)
Gerhardt Fuerst: vinyl ghosts (track 12)

Produced by The Red Sea Pedestrians
Recorded by Ben Lau and Ian Gorman
Mixed by Ian Gorman
Mastered by Glenn Brown
Wet Plate Collodion Photos by Robert Shimmin*
Graphic Design by Rachel Flanigan

*All photos used are collodion images on aluminum plates. Using photographic techniques nearly identical to those of the Wet Plate Era (1851-80's), each plate was hand-coated, exposed and processed on the spot, resulting in a one-of-a-kind image.

1. Keynahore
2. The Gypsy Moth
3. Alternate Plan
4. Golden Apple
5. Rosabelle Believe
6. Deven's Escape Hatch
7. Downstream
8. Brutus
9. Weary Stone
10. Ella 1914
11. Magnetic North
12. Singapore Michigan 1836