The Red Sea Pedestrians



(Hey Burner!)

Ira Cohen: banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bottles, bellows, vocals
Rachel Flanigan: clarinet, accordion, piano, pump organ, vocals
Jay Gavan: acoustic and electric guitars, upright and electric basses, accordion, piano, pump organ, synthesizer, vocals
Ian Gorman: upright and electric basses, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, piano, Fender Rhodes, concertina, accordion, pump organ, glockenspiel, banjolele, vocals
Megan MacLeod: violin, vocals
Michael Shimmin: drum set, riqq, dumbek, tambourine, bouzouki, shot glasses, hand claps, udu, glockenspiel, vocals, lead bass vocal (track 12)

Ben Lau: electric guitar (track 4)
Anne Marie Olbrot: cello (tracks 1, 6)
Wilhelm: scream (track 4)

Produced by The Red Sea Pedestrians
Recorded by Ben Lau, Ian Gorman, and Alec Johnston
Mixed and Mastered by Ian Gorman
Printed to 1/2" tape at Glenn Brown Productions
Artwork and design by Rachel Flanigan
Photography by Robert Shimmin

1. Conversations
2. The Dirty Hora
3. Let Me Go
4. Jewbacca
5. We'll Be Sky
6. Picture in a Locket
7. Sacrilege
8. The White Rhino
9. Dust on the Carnival Bells
10. I Xenitia
11. Happy to Move with You
12. Bismarck's Waltz