Chris Dorman



(Earthwork Music)

Chris Dorman: acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, hammered dulcimer
Chris Hamilton: upright bass
Darlene: vocals
May Erlewine: violin, viola, cello, vocals
Michael Shimmin: drum set, percussion
Samuel Seth Bernard: acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, ukulele
Steve Leaf: acoustic and electric guitars, banjo
Andrea Moreno-Beals: cello
Bethany Foote: Wurlitzer
Brandon Foote: mandolin
Joli Heavin: vocals
Kelsey Anthon: french horn
Kimberly Rathbun: vocals
Robin Dorman: vocals

Produced by Chris Dorman and "The Sita Six"
Recorded by Ian Gorman
Mixed by and additional recording by Jim Roll
Mastered by Lane Gibson

1. A Mind Full
2. Sammy
3. Miss Muse
4. All You Are
5. Without
6. ‘Til Spring
7. Riverbank
8. Magnolia
9. Change
10. Sita Sorrow
11. Seeds
12. Dream