Who Hit John?



(Hey Burner! Records)

Nathan Dannison: fiddle
Ian Gorman: upright bass
Kris Kehn: guitar
Dan McCartney: banjo
Nick Vander Vliet: mandolin

Michael Shimmin: drum set (tracks 6, 11, and 13)
Rachel Flanigan: clarinet
Michael Beauchamp: voice mail

Engineered by Alec Johnston and John Campos
Mixed and Mastered by Ian Gorman
Artwork and Layout by Nick Vander Vliet

1. Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifters
2. Cooter Brown
3. Conscription Man
4. Birthed from the Earth
5. The Plan
6. Staring into Headlights
7. The Long Walk Home
8. Till the Last Dog Dies
9. The Trifecta of Love
10. Possum Stomp
11. Dutton St. Waltz
12. Watering Hole
13. Through the Door (Black Sox)
14. Ten Years
15. Draft Dodger Rag