Samuel Seth Bernard and May Erlewine

Welcome Back


(Earthwork Music)

Samuel Seth Bernard: guitar, vocals, e-bow, mandolin, lap steel, casio SK-1, piano, humming, Fender Rhodes, harmonica, alto saxophone, stomping and clapping
May Erlewine: guitar, vocals, piano, dulcimer, glockenspiel, violin, viola, shaker, banjo, organ, ukulele, wurlitzer, stomping and clapping
Michael Shimmin: drum set, percussion, humming, stomping and clapping
Dominic Suchyta: electric bass, double bass
Rachael Davis: vocals (tracks 1, 12)
Ross Huff: trumpet (tracks 8, 12), vocals (track 8)
Luke Winslow-King: organ (track 9)
Joey Dosick: saxophone (track 12)
Tyler Duncan: saxophone (track 12)
Ian Gorman: concertina (track 11), humming, stomping and clapping
Michael Andrew Erlewine: stomping and clapping, humming, vocals (track 12)
Michael Erlewine: stomping and clapping, humming, vocals (track 12)
Emily Hilliard: vocals (track 8)
Michael Beauchamp: vocals (track 8)
Susan Fawcett: vocals (track 8)
Jen Sygit: vocals (track 12)
Michael Anne Erlewine: vocals (track 12)
Margaret Erlewine: vocals (track 12)
Joey Artibee: vocals (track 12)
Erin Eldred-Brown: vocals (track 2)

Recorded by Ian Gorman
Mixed by Seth Bernard, May Erlewine, and Ian Gorman
Mastered by Glenn Brown

1. Seeds
2. Kick it Out
3. Right Here
4. Baby You're Power
5. On the Mend
6. True
7. Honey One
8. Welcome Back
9. Peace
10. Wealth
11. Brennan's Theme
12. Lullabye