The Red Sea Pedestrians

A Lesson in Cartography


(Hey Burner! Records)

Ira Cohen: banjo, vocal, guitar, e-bow
Nathan Durham: double bass, alto sax, vocal, banjo, flute, trumpet, cornet
Rachel Flanigan: clarinet, vocal
Jay Gavan: guitar, vocal, double bass, accordion
Ian Gorman: mandolin, vocal, guitar, banjo, Fender Rhodes, double bass

Mike Shimmin: drum set and percussion (tracks 1, 10, 12)
Jeff Moehle: drum set (tracks 2, 9, 13)
Mike Fuerst: vocals (track 9)

Produced by The Red Sea Pedestrians
Recorded by Ben Lau and Ian Gorman
Mixed and mastered by Ian Gorman

1. A Heimesher Bulgar
2. One Mile Wide
3. Wanderin' Aheym
4. Fantastish Kapore
5. More More More
6. Shlemiel And Shlimazl
7. Sugar In My Coffin
8. Wanderin' Farblondzhet
9. I'll Pretend You're Mine
10. Fon Der Choope (From The Wedding)
11. Wanderin' Tsu Shtele
12. One Knee On The Wheel
13. Willie The Weeper
14. [Untitled]