Seth Bernard

Eggs Bernard and The Electrons - Live at HG15


Samuel Seth Bernard: vocals, electric guitar
Tyler Duncan: keyboard, low whistle, vocals
Max Lockwood: bass
Mike Shimmin: drums, vocals
Dan Rickabus: drums, vocals
Ben Cohen: Fender Rhodes
Daniel Kahn: piano
May Erlewine: vocals
MotorKam: Turkeys rap (track 7)

Live sound by Josiah Barber
Recorded by Cory Robinson and Fred Ellert
Mixed by Dan Rickabus
Mastered by Ian Gorman

Special thanks to:
The Hubble Space Telescope and the Habitat For Humanity Restore

1. Reconciliation
2. Firepig
3. Bluetooth Pillow
4. Zeek
5. Options
6. Dying For Me
7. Turkeys In The Rain
8. Be Love