Madcat Midnight Blues Journey



Peter Madcat Ruth: harmonica, ukulele, vocals
Drew "Captain Midnight" Howard: guitar, lap steel guitar, vocals
Mark "Papa" Schrock: bass, vocals
Michael "Kid" Shimmin: drums and percussion

Recorded live on February 23, 2014 at Salt of the Earth in Fennville, Michigan.

Recorded by John K Erskine and Karl Fleck
Mixed and mastered by Geoff Michael and Peter Madcat Ruth at Big Sky Recording, Ann Arbor, MI

1. Help Me
2. Ticket To Ride
3. Rock Me Baby
4. I Took A Trip
5. Phonograph Blues
6. Rainin' In My Heart
7. Dandelion Wine
8. My Babe
9. Nine Below Zero
10. 500 Miles
11. Mellow Down Easy