May Erlewine

Where We Are


(Earthwork Music)

May Erlewine Bernard: vocals, dulcimer, guitar, piano (tracks 1, 9, 14)
Samuel Seth Bernard: acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, harmonies
Michael Shimmin: drums, percussion
Dominic Davis: bass
Joshua Davis: piano, keyboard
Laurel Premo: fiddle, banjo, harmonies
Ian Gorman: concertina (track 4), accordion (track 2)
Michael Anne Erlewine: harmonies (track 11)
Rachael Davis: harmonies (tracks 5, 8)

Produced by May Erlewine, Seth Bernard, and Ian Gorman
Recorded by Ian Gorman at Heart Center Studio and La Luna Studio
Rachel Davis' vocal tracks recorded by David Arnold
Mixed and Mastered by Ian Gorman

1. Davey's Theme
2. A Little More
3. I Do Not Know
4. Fade
5. Sweet Nothing
6. The Fire
7. Your Love
8. Sweet By And By
9. Lost And Found
10. Jeannette's Waltz
11. Love Sings
12. In The Morning Light
13. Where We Are
14. Davey's Theme Reprise