Joe Reilly

Greyhound Bus Tour


(Earthwork Music)

Joe Reilly: vocals, acoustic guitar
Seth Bernard: acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele, lap steel, vocals (tracks 9, 11, 17)
May Erlewine: piano, vocals (tracks 1, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12)
Joshua Davis: electric piano, organ, mandolin (track 3), vocals (track 17)
Michael Shimmin: drums and percussion, vocals (track 1)
Dominic John Davis: acoustic and electric basses
Rachael Davis: vocals (tracks 6, 12)
Allison Radell: piano (tracks 8, 12), vocals (tracks 3, 15)
Lesley-Anne Stone: vocals (tracks 3, 5, 15)
Bob Buchanan: vocals (track 17)
Peace Be Free: rap verse (track 14)
Will See: rap verse (track 12)

Produced by Joe Reilly, Seth Bernard, and May Erlewine
Recorded and mixed by Ian Gorman
Mastered by Glenn Brown
A. Radell, L. Stone, and W. See recorded by Geoff Michael
Peace Be Free recorded by Shammy Dee

1. Kalamazoo
2. Journal Entry: Leavin' Kzoo
3. Healing Song
4. Journal Entry: Detroit to Brooklyn
5. Greyhound Bus Tour
6. We Are
7. Journal Entry: Finding Happiness
8. Gardeners Of Love
9. Wishless
10. Journal Entry: Texan Reflection
11. Breathing
12. Beautiful Light (Feat. Will See)
13. Journal Entry: El Cajon
14. Lay Back and Let Go (Feat. Peace Be Free)
15. Healing Walk
16. Journal Entry: Coming Home
17. Highwayman (Feat. Joshua Davis, Bob Buchanan, and Seth Bernard)