Joshua Davis

A Miracle of Birds


(Earthwork Music)

Joshua Davis: vocals, guitars, pump organ
Laura Bates: vocals
Dominic John Davis: bass
Geoff Lewis: drum kit, vocals
Mike Lynch: piano, wurlitzer, hammond organ
Jen Sygit: vocals

Twyla Birdsong: vocals
Igor Houwat: oud
Brad Phillips: violin
Mike Shimmin: riqq, dumbek
Ara Topouzian: kanun
Joe Wilson: steel guitar

Produced by Joshua Davis, Geoff Michael, and Ann DelMariani
Recorded by Geoff Michael and Chris DuRoss at Big Sky Recording
Mastered by Glenn Brown at GBP

1. Waiting on the Dove
2. House of Princes
3. The Market
4. Two Brothers
5. It Won't Be Long
6. 99 Names
7. Valley of Fire
8. Everybody Goes Someday
9. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
10. A Light of All Nations
11. Over The Wall And Gone
12. Oseh Shalom