Kevin Meisel

Black Orchard Songs



Kevin Meisel: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, piano, pump organ, accordion, keyboard
Annie Crawford: harpsichord, piano, violin
Serge van der Voo: upright bass
Michael Shimmin: drums, percussion

Abbey Alwin: cello
Alex Anest: electric guitar (track 6)
Michael Billmire: trumpet, hurdy-gurdy
Al Diblassio: percussion (track 5)
Brian Diblassio: piano (track 5)
Merrill Hodnefield: harmony vocals
Brian Lillie: guitar solo (track 8), keyboard
Keith Meisel: electric bass (track 5)
Maggie Meyer: vocal (track 2), harmony vocals
Mark Wallace: violin

Produced by Brian Lillie and Kevin Meisel'
Engineered by Geoff Michael
Mixed by Geoff Michael, Brian Lillie, and Kevin Meisel
Mastered by Jim Kissling

1. Black money
2. Ballad Of The Parted Ones
3. Gibsonton, Fla.
4. No Place For The Lonely
5. Into Nothing
6. Out Of Time
7. The Girl With Jesus In Her Eyes
8. Cry For Home
9. Hark The Heart And The Arrow
10. What Do We Owe The Dark?
11. I Am Carrying A Mournful Tune