Elisabeth Pixley-Fink



(Earthwork Music)

Elisabeth Pixley-Fink: vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, organ, mellotron, acoustic guitar, sycamore logs, slaps, claps, jar & spoon
Michael Shimmin: drums, shaker, tambourine
Brennan Andes: bass
Samantha Cooper: violin, vocals, mandolin, slaps, claps, whispers
Patrick Carroll: vocals, drums (tracks 1, 7, 9), banjo, electric guitar, lap steel (track 9), knee slaps, claps, foot stomps, tambourine
Ira Cohen: vocals
Andru Bemis: acoustic guitar, fiddle
Seth Bernard: electric guitar, lap steel, saxophone
Zachary Boyt: cello
Joel Pixley-Fink: bass (track 7)
Ian Gorman: bass on (track 10)
Carolyn Koebel: buzz sticks, pods, rods, chimes
Rachel Gorman: clarinet
Earthwork Family Weekend 5 Year Olds: singing "again again!"

Produced by Elisabeth Pixley-Fink and Pat Carroll
Engineered by Patrick Carroll, Ian Gorman, Keith Kinnear, and May Erlewine
Mixed by Ian Gorman and Patrick Carroll
Mastered by Ian Gorman
Illustrations and design by Laurel Premo

1. Tracks
2. Red Clover
3. Love Still Learning
4. And You, Still
5. Songs of the Night
6. Spider Woman
7. Water Bird Takes Flight
8. The Night Was Old
9. If You're Gone
10. Rubber Band
11. Welcome to the Rain
12. Bloodroot