The Corn Fed Girls



(Hey Burner! Records)

Darcy Wilkin: vocals, guitar
Sarah Fuerst: vocals, bass
Phil Barry: vocals, guitar, slide guitar
John Campos: vocals, mandolin
Ira Cohen: vocals, banjo, tennis racket, foot stompin'
Mike Fuerst: vocals, violin, guitar, pedal steel, jug, jaw harp, metallophone
Jeff Moehle: drum set and percussion(tracks 3, 6, 10)
A. Llewellyn Humphreys: mandola (track 5)
Matt Gross: piano (track 5)
Mike Devol: cello (track 5)
Rachel Flanigan: clarinet (track 6)
Elisabeth Pixley-Fink: piano (track 7)
Mike, John, and Sam Cooper: violins (track 7)
Zach Boyt: cello (track 7)
Sam Weber: arco bass (track 7)
Mark Sahlgren: guitar (track 8)
Eddy Curtis: trumpet (track 8)
Annabelle Fuerst: jambourine (track 9)
Chris Mcallister: spoons (track 9)

Michael Shimmin plays tubular bells on track 9.

Produced by The Corn Fed Girls and Ian Gorman
Engineered by Ian Gorman and John Campos
Mixed by Ian Gorman
Mastered by Glenn Brown

1. Half-Light
2. Canyon Song
3. Lonely Moon
4. Take You With Me
5. Annabelle's Waltz
6. Complain About The Weather
7. Kisses (Taste Like Heartache)
8. Waitin' For The Train
9. Mecosta Shakedown
10. Christmas Cards
11. 50th and Pierce